What does “Reader’s Choice” mean?

As you know, our Simply the Best competition recently ended and we are working at notifing all the winners. In each competition, we have one winner and 1-3 “Reader’s Choice.” One question that we frequently get asked is how do we define Reader’s Choice?

Businesses who win Reader’s Choice are ones who received a significant amount of votes but did not receive the most votes for that category. While it might be easier to give out 2nd and 3rd place, that suggests those businesses aren’t winners.

And to be honest, getting Reader’s Choice is a significant feat and says a lot about how popular the business is in the community. Even making it to the ballot should be considered a high honor as many of the categories have a ton of businesses nominated. This year, we had over two dozen categories with over 100 businesses nominated.

We also had a significant increase in voting in each of the categories–about 40% more votes per category. That means making it to the top can’t be done without a lot of community support.

So stay tuned as the winners of this year’s competition will be released in a few weeks. Until then, make sure you get your tickets for the gala, once again supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.