Vote in Simply the Best & You Could Win $500 cash

Harrisburg Magazine is pleased to announce a special Anniversary Sweepstake. Anyone who votes in at least 25 categories has a chance of winning $500 cash! You must follow the rules of the competition to be eligible. Click HERE to go to the ballot.

What if I already voted?
If you already voted in 25 categories, you are automatically entered.

How can I tell how many categories I voted in?
If you are not sure you voted in 25 categories, you can check by logging in and checking.

How do I log in to the ballot?
Login by clicking “Already entered?” in the upper right-hand corner of the ballot. You will be sent an email with a link to log in. You were also sent this email when you originally voted.

Where do I find the rules?
Click on “Rules” at the bottom of the ballot. (After “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy.”)