Unique Limousine, Inc. Woman of Business

Tracy Salinger General Manager, Unique Limousine, Inc.

“My parents have inspired my work ethic,” says Tracy Salinger, General Manager of Unique Limousine, Inc. “Growing up, we didn’t have much. Dad worked 24/7 to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Mom stayed home and tried to raise four proper ladies. She taught us to be strong, independent, thinking, leading women. And that’s exactly what we have become.” Indeed Tracy has, having been with Unique Limousine for 31 years, she’s worked nearly all positions — except mechanic — at the company. She’s been General Manager of the company for about twenty years, “Wow, that’s a long time,” she adds with a laugh.

The importance of family is something that Tracy transfers into everything she does at Unique Limousine too. “Our business truly is ‘Unique’ because of our level of commitment and care to our people and our clients. As a family company, we maintain the family atmosphere that encourages us to treat one another as though they are our own family members…with love and respect.”

This year Tracy took on a monumental task of conducting a full internal audit of the company. “I am still working on it, and have learned tremendously more of the intricacies of what we do and how we do it. Our goal throughout the project is to increase efficiencies and improve profitability without raising costs to our clients. It’s tough, and we’re accomplishing it, while still maintaining the integrity to our people.”

Unique has had the distinction of winning Simply the Best every year that their category has existed. But it’s the individual clients that really make all the hard work worth it for Tracy. “My favorite part is when I have the opportunity to impact someone’s life. A few weeks ago, a gentleman arranged transportation in our wheelchair van for his very aged wife. It was to take her from the nursing home she lives in to an event where he and his ‘cronies’ (as he put it!) would be singing in. As we were wrapping up, he thanked me and said that this would probably be her last trip ever leaving the nursing home and definitely the last time she would see him perform. After hanging up the phone with him, I lost it and started crying. We were the ones who were going to get her to him. She got to see her love of many, many years perform for a crowd. To most, this is insignificant. To this couple, it was everything. And we were blessed to be part of it. He touched my heart and didn’t even know it.”