The Comfort of Confidence, Part 6

The Styles of 6 Capital City Men – Andrew Enders

Andrew Enders, Esq., 32

Enders Insurance Associates

“I can quickly go from jeans and T-shirt, which is what I usually do, to full suits.  I have to be very professional in my dress, but I don’t like to be so staid.  I try to buck tradition as much as I can without pushing too many buttons.  …Comfort for me is dependent on the environment.  I tend to overdress because I never like to be under-dressed.”

Advice:  “The cut has to be right.  Also, trying to be too ambitious and going too far with style can be a mistake.  The guys with the best style are somewhat understated with what they wear and keep it somewhat simple.  Matching colors is another key.  Know what you like.”