The Comfort of Confidence, Part 1

The Styles of 6 Capital City Men – Peter Leonard

Peter Leonard, 28

Business Development Manager for Little Amps and Musician

“My personal style is classic American.  I really enjoy staples of what has become American fashion – jeans, leather boots, T-shirts.  …For me now, as a father of a baby and having a job where every day is different, I need to have a certain functionality to my wardrobe.  Things like leather boots, sturdy denim and gray T-shirts are staples for me.  My style in my life right now is based partly on my taste but also what I need to wear in my day-to-day life – things that are durable and comfortable.”

Advice:  “Don’t just latch on to a trend.  Not every guy can do a high-fashion look.  Follow your own style, not someone else’s.  Style is so personal and subjective – how it fits you and fits into your life.  You can tell if it’s forced.  Listen to yourself and what feels good to wear.”