Taste: The Fire House Restaurant

By Cassie Miller

Calling Harrisburg’s former Hope Fire Station home, The Fire House Restaurant now serves Harrisburg in a different way. The building dates back to 1814, and as Chef Marty Stone points out, it offers a few spirited surprises for new diners at the restaurant.

“There are some ghosts in there.”

While the menu at The Fire House Restaurant changes seasonally, certain staples are making their way onto Chef Stone’s menu. Prime rib, filet mignon and rib-eye steak are all new additions.

“I’ve been concentrating a lot on that. If I was to go out to eat downtown right now, nothing pops in my mind where I could go get a good steak,” he points out.

In addition to noteworthy and tasty cuisine, the restaurant also boasts a third floor complete with a stage and acoustic performances every Tuesday. “A lot of people are surprised by the third floor when I bring them up there. It’s a whole floor of its own. It has its own bar, and that’s where we do the majority of our catering or special events.”

Two years into his tenure at The Fire House Restaurant, Chef Stone keeps his culinary philosophy simple.

“True to the food,” contemporary, seasonal. “The food is fine-dining, but it’s a casual atmosphere – a fun crowd,” he adds.

Top 3 Must-Sample Appetizers

1.  Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms: Stuffed with Maine lobster meat, spinach, fresh herbs and Cantal cheese, then baked and served with a light drizzle of black truffle oil.

2.  Fire Bread: A fresh Tuscan loaf stuffed with garlic butter, cheese and crushed red pepper, baked to a golden brown and served with spicy garlic oil.

3.  Firecracker Shrimp: Lightly breaded fried shrimp tossed in a creamy sweet chili sauce, served on napa cabbage slaw.

Top 3 Must-Try Entrées

1.  The Firehouse Prime Rib: Slow-roasted every evening and served with a jumbo baked potato, horseradish sauce and au jus.

2.  Firehouse Pasta: Chicken and shrimp sautéed in olive oil with garlic, roasted red peppers, cherry peppers and white wine, then tossed with fresh basil, linguine and parmesan cheese.

3.  Seared Diver Dayboat Scallops: Pan-seared with garlic, scallion, tomato, artichoke hearts and baby spinach in a vin blanc sauce, then tossed with angel hair pasta.

Top 3 Must-Order Cocktails

1.  Expresso Martini

2.  Orange Crush

3.  Mojito


The Fire House Restaurant (606 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg) is open Monday through Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday through Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.  It is closed on Sundays.  For banquets and events, call (717) 585-5801.  For more information, call (717) 234-6064 or visit thefirehouserestaurant.com.

This article appears in the July 2016 issue of Harrisburg Magazine