Tapas, Part 2

Bricco, Harrisburg

In the Mediterranean, people are accustomed to sharing food at big family gatherings. Bill Collier, executive chef and general manager of Bricco in Harrisburg, brings that style of dining to the midstate with his tapas offerings on each menu throughout the year.

There are typically four to five tapas dishes on each seasonal menu at Bricco. Collier embraces the spring, summer and fall seasons by taking advantage of the local vegetables as an asset to the tapas menu.

“Here in the winter months, you have to get a little creative,” explains Collier. “I would describe our menu as locally driven, Mediterranean style. We usually run our tapas as half price for happy-hour specials. They are also a great start to your meal like an appetizer or an addition to your main course. The dishes are something we enjoy doing, and it gives us a chance to really showcase our local produce standouts.”