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Did You Know? The Bronze Age

by Rick Dapp Perhaps it’s because there’s so much to see around the Capitol Complex; so much marble and granite that we often take some of the greatest artistry for granted by pulling the handle […]


Did You Know? Making Movies

by Rick Dapp It’s been some time since Harrisburg has seen the spectacle of a film production company making a major motion picture, or even part of one, in the city or nearby environs. From […]


Did You Know

Could mining return to the Susquehanna River? Given the current federal administration’s stance on coal as an energy source it’s interesting to note that the black stuff that has played such an important role in […]


Did You Know: Movies

BY RICK DAPP Before there was television, before there were videotapes and VCRs (or Betamax for those unfortunate enough to believe that it would succeed), before there was Blu-ray, before streaming video, before you could […]


Did You Know: Camelback Bridge

The Old Camelback Bridge BY RICK DAPP, PHOTO BY CASSIE MILLER With the third installment of fuel-tax increases that were mandated by Act 89, the legislation that assured Pennsylvania the premier ranking of having the […]


Did You Know: Morse

The First Digital Network BY RICK DAPP When Samuel F.B. Morse created the code that bears his name and the device with which it would be used, he was one of the few who probably […]


Did You Know: Reservoir Park

Did You Know? Reservoir Park By Rick Dapp, Photography by Cassie Miller Reservoir Park is the largest municipal park in Harrisburg, taking up a portion of the Allison Hill neighborhood, and is home to a […]