We are looking for businesses that are interested in participating in our Spirit of Giving Sweepstakes which will run in December. During the month of December, we will be offering a different sweepstake competition each day. Readers sign up each day for a chance to win that prize.

Here’s how it works:

Each day, Harrisburg Magazine’s website will feature a sweepstake sponsored by a different business. On that day, people sign up to win a prize provided by the sponsor. When they sign up, they will answer up to 3 survey questions and provide basic information about themselves. After they sign up, they will receive an email with a thank you message and “gift” from the sponsor. At the end of the day, our system randomly chooses a winner. The winner is announced the following day at noon.

Sample Sweepstake:


What Do You Get?

The cost to participate is $3000, plus a sweepstakes prize worth at least $200 and a thank you offer gift. For this price, you get the following:

  1. Two ½ Page ads in Harrisburg Magazine (One in November and One in December).
  2. 3 sweepstakes questions specific to your business.
  3. Names, phone numbers, emails, zip code, age and gender (optional) of all readers who opt-in.
  4. Basic demographics of those who participated in your sweepstake (gender, age, zip code).
  5. Chance to send a thank you gift to everyone who participates in your sweepstakes to encourage new business.
  6. Name and/or Logo included in all promotion of the competition.
  7. A button to allow participants to like you on Facebook and/or follow you on Twitter.

NOTICE: Due to the limited number of spots for this sweepstakes, no reservations can be made until this form is filled out and turned in to Harrisburg Magazine. Once you have been approved and payment has been made, you will be given a link to a form to fill out. This form will collect the information needed to set up the sweepstake. Once we have finalized all the participants, we will be contacting each one in the order of sign up to see if you have a date preference for your sweepstakes. Obviously businesses who are last to sign up will have fewer options.

The Important Points

Promotional Pieces: With your sponsorship, you will receive 2 ½ page ads. These ads will run in November and December issues. Your name and/or logo will also be featured in all the promos we run in our magazine, website and on social media. We are also working at partnering with some other media (radio or TV) but haven’t locked down the details. But we are committed to making sure this promotion gets a lot of attention in the Harrisburg area.

Sweepstakes Prize: As the sponsor, you will donate a prize worth at least $200 that does not require any additional purchase for the winner to use. This can be something related to your business, it doesn’t have to be. For example, a law firm may choose to give away a $250 prepaid Visa card while a dentist may choose to give away a free tooth whitening session.

This prize must be approved by the publishers of Harrisburg Magazine. You may choose to donate a prize worth more than $200 and are encouraged to do so since the bigger the prize, the more likely people are to want to participate. Some examples items include:


Thank You Gift: Another feature of the sweepstake is the ability to send a thank you gift to each person who signs up. This gift is sent in the email that confirms they have signed up. This gift can require a purchase. For example, it could be $10 or 10% off a purchase. This “gift” should be a good enough offer that it will encourage people to want to use it. A weak offer won’t get any response. For that reason, this gift must also be approved by the publisher.

  • Free Candle, Appetizer, or Small Item
  • 50% off admission
  • 20% off total purchase
  • $25 off remote start purchase with installation
  • 30% off any item

Sweepstakes Questions: Each person who enters will be required to answer 3 questions set by the sponsor. These questions can be multiple choice (with only 1 or more than 1 choice), yes/no, or short answer. You don’t want to make the questions to long or difficult in order or people may not answer truthfully. We will provide you with the responses. Here are a few example questions:

  • Do you know the benefits of ___________? Yes, No
  • Are you currently doing/using any of the following? (list of items)
  • Are you currently following us on social media? Yes, No
  • Have you ever been to ___________? Yes, No
  • What area interests you most? (List of items)
  • What would you like most for _________ to add? More open hours, A loyalty rewards app, More online shopping, or similar answers
  • What is your favorite thing at _________? Gift items & decor, Shoe selection, Clothing options, or similar answers
  • Have you made a purchase from _________ before? If so, when? No, 1 Year or Less, 1-2 Years, Over 2 Years
  • Have you ever spoken with a healthcare professional about _____________? Yes, No
  • Do you have any ongoing health issues and wonder if there are natural solutions that truly work? Yes, No
  • Do you shop in the ________ section of the grocery store? Yes, No
  • Do you drink/eat/wear/buy _____________? Yes, No
  • Where do you buy your ____________? Local, Out of Town, Online
  • Is it important to you to shop local? Yes, No
  • Do you mostly shop online, out of town, or local? Online, Out of Town, Local

Participant Demographics: Each participant will be asked some basic information such as email, name, phone number (to help us contact them), and birthdate (since minimum age to participate is required). Beyond that, we can ask additional information such as zip code and gender. If you have specific information you’d like to gather, it may be possible. Keep in mind that requiring a lot of information from participants could make them less likely to participate.

Social Media Inclusion: Before submitting, the participants will have the option of liking your business’s Facebook page and/or following you on Twitter. We also will be promoting each sweepstake on social media and be announcing the winners on our Facebook page.

Opt-In Option: With your sponsorship, you have the option of asking if they want to receive emails/newsletters or be contacted by your business. You can have this pre-checked, if desired.

Interested? Contact sales@harrisburgmagazine.com or one of our sales reps.