Spinning Harts Women of Business

Tami & Heather Hartman Co-owners of Spinning Harts Pole & Dance Studio

As co-owners of Spinning Harts Pole and Dance Studio, Tami and Heather Hartman have an immensely fun job — teaching students to pole dance, twerk, burlesque and chair dance. It’s a rewarding experience for the sister act who especially enjoy providing women, men and teens with a space to appreciate their body and gain greater confidence.

But it’s not all just dance steps and shakin’ their thing. It’s been three years since Tami and Heather opened for business and they’ve worked hard to grow the studio to expand to a second location, now with one in Harrisburg and one in Camp Hill. Balancing acts aren’t just reserved for the pole as both sisters try to balance their business with their many other day to day responsibilities. “Opening a second location, working our full-time jobs and balancing a family life is a daily challenge,” says Tami.”But we love what we do and we wouldn’t want it any other way!”

Spinning Harts is the only dance studio in the area that features Pole instruction, with certified Pole Instructors and last year Heather received Pound Certification — a hot new workout that incorporates drumsticks, rhythm and lots of cardio-induced sweating. It’s also been a big year for the pair having been nominated for Simply the Best.

Although learning the dance moves and working out are an essential part of every class, Tami and Heather both emphasize the heart of the program is building self-esteem. “We focus on being encouraging, supportive and uplifting to all who walk through our doors,” explains Tami. “We offer a safe haven to those ready to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. We have literally changed lives, from domestic violence survivors to sexual assault victims who can now appreciate and respect their bodies and the amazing things they can do.”

Meet the duo at the Thrive Fit Fest on City Island or check out a class for yourself. The sisters promise you’ll walk away happy. “The best part of our day is seeing our clients leave with a smile. They are relaxed and spent after a good workout, and whether they were here to work off stress, accomplish a new move or just needed some ‘me’ time, they leave here with goals met.”