Register for Simply the Best 2020!

This year, we are requiring businesses to register in order to be included on the Simply the Best Ballot. Registration is 100% free and the information provided is confidential. The registration process is simply a way of helping us ensure that we can quickly and confidentially contact customers about their nomination or win.

Asking businesses to register helps us a lot and allows us to have more categories this year. We had to reduce the number of categories we offered last year because we didn’t have the manpower to contact all the businesses on the ballot or even the winners. And this upset some businesses. Because we asked people to register last year, we are able to offer 200 categories this year (versus 155 last year).

If you registered last year, we ask that you still take a minute to register again IF you want to be considered for the categories that are divided by employee numbers (Best Place to Work and Business). If you don’t care about participating in those categories, and your information hasn’t changed from last year, you don’t need to register again.

Please only register once!
Last year, we had issues with people registering multiple times. (I think the record was 11 times.) Sometimes it is one person registering their business repeatedly. Other times, it was multiple people registering the same business. This can make it difficult for us.

We will be using the first registration we receive UNLESS you mark that you need to change or update information from your previous registration. Restricting registration to only one submission per email or business name can be tricky because some people have are registering multiple locations.

If you are unsure if you registered, the email comes from and has a subject header of “Simply the Best Nominee Registration 2020”.

If you are a person who may be nominated, please fill out this other form.

Fill out my online form.