Purchase Simply the Best Advertisements online!

In an effort to improve customer service, we have created an online store with some of our more popular advertisement opportunities.  We understand that many of our customers are busy with the holidays. Being able to purchase what you need quickly without waiting for someone to call you back can be an incredible time-saver.

We have included in this marketplace both the Group and Category Banners. You may remember them from last year’s ballot (if not, check out this year’s ballot as examples are already online). These spots are located on the ballot either above the Group Name (Auto & Transportation, Restaurants, etc.) or below the Category Name (Barber Shop, Donut Shop, etc.). However, this year instead of having one banner on each category or group, we can have up to 5 banners that rotate every few seconds.

If you’d rather be contacted directly by a salesperson, please fill out this form so we know the best time and method of contacting you.

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