How to Nominate a Person in Simply the Best 2020

This year, we are including Simply the Best People categories with our regular ballot. We have over 30 categories where you need to nominate a person and not a business. These categories are will state “(Name and Workplace)” in the category heading.

Our people categories will not have a drop-down of names to select as the business categories do. That’s because people are not listed in Google Business, which is how that happens.

To ensure your nomination counts, it is essential that you include the first and last name plus the business where they work. If it is not clear who you are nominated, the nomination will be discarded.

The categories for Simply the Best People are:

Auto & Transportation Harrisburg Community Legal
Car Salesperson Community Activist Bankruptcy Attorney
Mechanic Firefighter Civil Rights Attorney
Local Hero Criminal Defense Attorney
Business & Financial Services Police Officer Divorce Attorney
Accountant Teacher Employment Attorney
Insurance Agent Family Law Attorney
Real Estate Agent Health & Fitness General Practice Attorney
Stockbroker Hair Stylist Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Trainer Property / Real Estate Attorney
Dental Workman’s Compensation Attorney
Dental Assistant Health Services
Dentist Chiropractor Medical
Specialty Dentist Counselor or Therapist Medical Doctor
Local Favorites
Local Television Personality Restaurants
Radio Personality Chef