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By accepting this award, you agree not to announce your win publicly on Social Media, your website or similar venues until after August 15, 2019, or until we notify you. You also agree to use our official logos when promoting your win (if images are used).

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Simply the Best Issue

The August Issue will be devoted to Simply the Best again this year. Every year, this issue is by in far the largest issue of our magazine. It is also the most popular with our readers, who usually keep this issue to refer to throughout the year.

To increase the readership of this issue, and future issues of Harrisburg Magazine, we are launching a digital version of our magazine that will be available on our website. The digital version will be shared with an onscreen interactive flipbook style reader is optimized for all screens (PCs, mobile, tablet, etc.). It will also allow us to create interactive links that connect our readers directly to your website or Facebook page. You can see the June Issue as an example online today.

Advertising Rates

We are offering a special deal to all winners this year. For a special rate, you can purchase an ad in the August issue, 2 Gala Tickets, and a plaque. This promotion is good for businesses who won Reader’s Choice or Simply the Best.

Full Page Package:  $2,800  Save $910
2/3 Page Package:  $2,065 Save $695
1/2 Page Package:  $1,700  Save $560
1/3 Page Package:  $1,200  Save $460
1/6 Page Package:  $800  Save $310
1/9 Page Package:  $625  Save $195
1/12 Page Package:  $500  Save $185


Simply the Best Gala Tickets

The Simply the Best Gala will be August 29, 2019. Tickets can be purchased through EventBrite. Tickets are $65 each up until August 1. After that, they are $75 each.

Simply the Best Gala Sponsorships

Once again, we are selling sponsorships for the gala. We have two types of sponsorships: regular and food. For more information on what is required, what you get, etc. please contact a salesperson.


This special framed plaque can be ordered separately or as part of a winner’s package with an ad.

For Simply the Best Winners, plaques will cost $10 for the first one (per category) and $110 for each duplicate plaque. The nominal fee helps cover the costs of the plaques. Each year, a number of plaques have not been picked up by the winners. This has been a huge waste of money that we would rather be giving to charity. To order a plaque, please go to

For Reader’s Choice Winners, plaques will cost $110 each. They can be ordered with other promotional items online:

Other Promotional Items

We also sell other items that you can purchase to advertise your win such has window clings and metal signs. For more information, please go to

Promotional items will not be available for pickup until after August 15, 2019.

Please note, every year scammers attempt to contact winners to purchase similar items at a much higher price. They cannot legally sell items that use the Simply the Best logos and we do not recommend them.