Simply the Art Enhanced Listings

Simply the Art nominees have the opportunity to purchase enhanced listings on the ballot. Enhanced listings provide additional features by showing your business’ address, contact info, and direct links to your social media pages. The cost is $25 per category. Because Simply the Art is a Write-in Ballot. Any name that is submitted can be added to the ballot at anytime. Nominees can be submitted in advance or added to the ballot during the voting period (March 1 through March 31).

By enhancing your listing on the ballot, you will provide our readers with the following information:

  • Photo (800 x 450px – Landscape)
  • Brief summary of your business (250 characters max)
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter handle

Each enhanced listing has its own special. This page will send people to a page with all your information AND a button for them to vote for you. We will send you the link when we let you know your enhanced listing is up. 

Also, if you use the Facebook share button at the top of your Enhanced Listing, it will help you send people directly to your enhanced listing page with your vote button!

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