Serratelli Dispute Resolutions, LLC Woman of Business

Honorable Lori K. Serratelli

It’s been an exciting year for the Honorable Lori K. Serratelli, former Judge of the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas, Attorney and Mediator/Arbitrator. For 38 years, she was president and shareholder of the law firm she founded, Serratelli, Schiffman & Brown, P.C. which she left in 2016 to accept a judicial appointment to the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas. When her appointment ended January 1, 2018, she returned to the firm, now Sheridan, Schiffman & Brown, P.C. “of counsel” and also started a mediation/arbitration service, Serratelli Dispute Resolutions, L.L.C.

“Serratelli Dispute Resolutions is a multi-faceted service to which I uniquely bring 40 combined years’ experience as an attorney and judge in the areas of family and employment law, civil rights litigation, guardianships, adoption and estate litigation” explains Serratelli. With the experience as a Judge in family court, civil litigation and Orphans Court, combined with her training in family and personal injury law mediation, along with decades of litigation and mediation experience as an attorney in Federal , state and appellate level courts, Serratelli brings a wealth of knowledge to her mediation and arbitration services. She’s also litigated family law matters up through the appellate level including to the PA Supreme Court. “My broad experience in many areas of the law set me apart from many mediation and arbitration practices in the area,” adds Serratelli.

Serratelli Dispute Resolutions LLC provides people facing disputes, such as divorce, custody, property distribution, personal injury, employment and Orphans’ Court matters, an alternative to litigating in court. “It helps them find their own resolution as I facilitate thoughtful discussion toward reaching a fair resolution through mediation.” If mediation doesn’t work, Serratelli also offers arbitration, which can streamline litigation through private services, outside of what can be a cumbersome and slow court system. Serratelli renders a non-appealable decision.

Outside of her practice and years of service, Serratelli has something else to be proud of. “She spearheaded the development of Dauphin County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program to help serve children in dependency due to abuse and neglect. After substantial fundraising efforts, Serratelli says they will begin training CASA volunteers. “I plan to see Dauphin County CASA become a fully operational program of trained volunteers helping the court and the children through the foster care system to permanent, forever homes.”