Precision Training Concepts Woman of Business

Re-imagining the Personal Fitness Training Industry

Patty Sibbach

Patty and Bryan Sibbach were always comfortable in big gym settings. Yet they know not everyone is.

For years, the Sibbachs watched people struggle with equipment, perform exercises incorrectly, repeatedly injure themselves, and receive cookie cutter advice from inexperienced trainers. As a result, the couple decided to fill the gap for those with unmet health and wellness needs by opening a boutique personal fitness training studio.

“We asked ourselves how we could change the standard personal training operating model,” explains Patty, a former collegiate athlete and figure competitor, when describing the genesis of Precision Training Concepts, Linglestown Road, Harrisburg. Their answers set the tone for the business: Each client would enjoy a completely customized, comprehensive, and affordable workout plan offered through one-hour training sessions, and never have to sign any contracts. It was a novel industry approach centered on relationship development at a micro-personalized level.

Five years later, everyone from business professionals to mompreneurs come to Precision Training Concepts to maintain their preferred lifestyles, become more fit, reach health objectives, and boost confidence. As the Sibbachs point out, the team they’ve built has the mental and educational maturity to work with all individuals, including those who are entering mid-life or retirement years.

“Many of our clients want to work with trainers who understand what they’re going through because they’ve been there,” says Bryan, a record-setting powerlifter and Olympic lifter who has learned the value of doing exercises precisely and correctly. “I train people the way I train myself, offering progress without pressure.”

For the duo, Precision Training Concepts is a passion, not a job. It’s also a way to serve others, one session at a time. Concludes Patty, “we help people reset their health buttons by understanding that it’s never too late to be a better version of yourself.”