Pep Up Your Party Prep With Studio Pep’s Party Supplies

Story and Photos by Danielle Debley

The Start of Studio Pep

“My whole family was always very big on parties; we had themed parties and went all out. This is sort of a tradition and it worked out so that I could design, work from home, and do party stuff,” says Adrianne Pepitone, owner of Studio Pep.

With a degree in Graphic Design from Arcadia University, Pepitone started off in the design world creating and selling wedding invitations and other small items like ribbon wands. As more customers started asking for the wands to be made with party colors for little girl’s princess parties, Pepitone decided to separate her creations and start a shop just for party supplies.

“I started to curate other products that matched the party themes that complemented the ribbon wands being ordered, and then I thought, ‘why don’t I see if people want to buy my own products?’ and I really loved the idea of confetti,” says Pepitone.

As Pepitone continued to pursue this dream, confetti balloons began to rise in popularity. She began making confetti and balloon sets with the idea that moms could buy a set that would match other party products being sold so they wouldn’t have to go looking for different things in multiple stores. This led to Pepitone offering her many collections, or themes.

Colorful Collections & Collaborations

“Now I think we have 26 different collections? Every buying season I’ll take down collections that didn’t sell well and replace them or add new ones. We started the first season with one collection and the second I think we had six,” Pepitone states.

From bright juicy colors in the Tropical theme to sweet pastels in the Cotton Candy collection, you can find so many different color choices for whatever kind of party you’re planning. Each collection has several items in the color scheme such as confetti and balloons in various sizes.

Pepitone began wholesaling and looking to collaborate with shops around the area that would be willing to sell her creations.

“I just love working with shop owners, and almost all the owners we work with are women. It’s so nice working with other businesswomen who are boutique owners; we work with a lot of smaller shops
and boutiques.,” says Pepitone.

Now you can find her party products in over 100 shops all around the world! There are four boutiques in PA that sell her products with the closest ones being Whimsy & Wild in Carlisle, and Cork Collection in Lancaster.
To shop even more party supplies, go to

A Heart for Moms

As a mom of three, Pepitone really has a heart for mothers.

“We definitely focus on employing moms. I have three moms who work for me and I have two other contract moms that come and pick up supplies and work on things at home,” says Pepitone. “I try to figure out how to make tasks so that a mom could come and make some extra money if she wanted to. I know that’s hard to do if you want to stay home with your kids and also earn something but not go to a traditional job.”

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The Heart of Studio Pep®

We believe that color is everything. That quality and craftsmanship mean something. That you can never have too much dry shampoo and top buns are life. We believe mamas are the heartbeats of their families. That our daughters deserve the same opportunities as our sons. We believe in mom squads and wine slushies. We believe in the heart-melting power of raised arms and little lips saying “mama” at our legs. We believe in microwaving coffee five times a day.

We wear spit up and snot proudly. We believe in raising the next generation to love everyone for who they are. We believe that sharing is caring and quiet time is the key to happiness. We believe you are doing your best. We believe in thriving and surviving — depending on how naps have gone that day. We believe in the squeal of a waddling baby being chased. We believe in celebrating your people. We believe in sitting around with our friends, listening to our little ones laughing and quietly thinking to ourselves — my heart is full.

We believe these are the good old days and they are worth celebrating now.

We are Studio Pep® and we are your new mom friend.