Nitro Coffee Pours into the Midstate

Nitrogen gas infused into coffee to give the feel of an ice-cold beer in the morning – that’s the trend of Nitro Coffee. This new form of serving coffeehas poured its way into Central Pa.  Harrisburg Magazine touched base with two local coffee shops that serve the cold-brewed coffee, making the midstate a little cooler and a lot more caffeinated.

Elementary Coffee Co.

Andrea Grove is the owner of Elementary Coffee Co. in Harrisburg. Her outlook on nitro coffee stands as it being so impressive and so unique, it doesn’t need any added flavors or enhancers to be fully enjoyed.
“We offer the nitro straight up or with milk,” says the 29-year-old owner. “We believe any other additives ruin the point of the beverage – to be enjoyed as cold coffee on nitro. Nitro coffee is fun because it defies your expectations that are present based on experiences with traditional coffee. It’s something completely different in regards to taste.”

While nitrogen-infused coffee is still a growing method of serving coffee around the country, Elementary Coffee Co. decided to join along in the trend because nothing compares to this deliverance of coffee.
“We decided to jump on board the trend that was happening elsewhere in the country because nitro coffee is not only delicious and fun, it’s also pretty sexy,” explains Grove. “Nothing else is quite as impressive as cold coffee pouring out of a tap line and cascading into a glass.”

Little Amps Coffee Roasters

For Little Amps Coffee Roasters employees and guests, cold-brewed coffee is nothing new. But when nitro coffee was introduced, making it an addition to the already appealing selection was a no-brainer.
“Nitro Cold brew appealed to us for a few reasons,” says 29-year-old Peter Leonard, Wholesale Manager/Co-Director of Coffee at Little Amps Coffee Roasters. “First, it allowed us to easily offer black iced coffee. Second, it gave us another medium to express our coffees aside from espresso and paper filter brewing.”

More than just an added item to the menu, nitro coffee has allowed Little Amps to expand their sales and connect them with more opportunities and collaborative efforts.
“Nitro has allowed us further reach in our wholesale,” says Leonard. “We helped our neighbors at WebpageFX set up a Nitro Cold Brew Station in their office. We’ve had guest tap positions at Zeroday and Al’s of Hampden. We’ve delivered kegs to local coffee accounts like Daniel’s Cafe in Marysville and we’ve helped others like Pie Time in Baltimore make their own cold brew to keg and serve at farmers markets. At the end of the day, Nitro Cold Brew is a fun and accessible way for folks to enjoy specialty coffee.”