May 2016

Adventure Chick

Adventure Chick took a short jaunt to the Harrisburg Archery Club ( On 30 wooded, hilly acres between the Rockville Bridge and Fort Hunter, club members sharpen their indoor and outdoor skills, and new archers learn the basics in winter classes.

By M. Diane McCormick

A Sense of Style and Community

At Bethany Village, models of all ages strut their stuff through a packed dining hall for a good cause. Every year, the Bethany Village Auxiliary plans and hosts a fashion show and luncheon in an effort to raise funds for the auxiliary and the community.

Words and Photography by Cassie Miller

Did You Know?

Situated on a winding street just off of Market and surrounded by a confounding array of surrounding thoroughfares, the John Crain Kunkel Center at 1101 Market Street, home of the YWCA Greater Harrisburg, sits supreme on Allison Hill, dominating the landscape and all other structures surrounding it.

By Rick Dapp, Photography Cassie Miller


The initial stir of interest when Vrai opened its doors in February of this year swirled around the fact that the new restaurant would be the first since Prohibition to break Lemoyne’s status as a dry town. But aside from a wide assortment of delicious and creative adult beverages finally flowing again in the borough, Vrai offers an impressively unique menu based on a commitment to organic and local ingredients as well as a culinary philosophy of serving fresh, nutritious and unprocessed food that is as free from chemicals and pesticides as possible as a way of “feeling and living better.”

Seeing the Whole Picture

Harrisburg School District. The words conjure images of turmoil and poor achievement. But behind the curtain, countless moving parts are working to raise achievement, promote stability and engage families. Is it the Wizard of Oz at work, frantically spinning wheels and pulling levers to maintain an illusion? Or is it, in the words of Superintendent Sybil Knight-Burney, “many different pieces,” fitting like a puzzle to prepare students for success?

Words by M. Diane McCormick

Photo Story

Education Harrisburg

Photography by Paul Vasiliades & Michelle Yinger

Student-Athletes, Part 4

Antonio Heredia Soto – 
Lower Dauphin High School to Bates College

Words by Chelsea Hess-Moore, Photography by Kelly Ann Shuler

A Dream Job Come True

There is no doubt that finding your dream job and flourishing in it makes for a more blissful work, and life, experience. But how do you do it? What are the keys to making your dream job a reality? With thousands of high-school and college students getting set to matriculate throughout the capital-city region this month and next, we tapped everyone, from career counselors to those lucky enough to be making moola at their passion, for advice.

Words by Jill Gleeson

The Connection Between Oral Hygiene and Overall Health

One of the first fears that children develop is of going to the dentist. With age, that fear transforms into the dread of making the trip, having someone poke the insides of your mouth and figuring out if the occasionally mediocre work you do on your teeth was good enough to avoid getting a cavity. But would oral hygiene become more of a priority if you knew it could affect other parts of the body? It’s true, your mouth isn’t necessarily the only thing that suffers from lack of good oral hygiene.

Words by Jaylynn McClendon

Student-Athletes, Part 3

Aaron Seigle – 
Susquehanna Township High School to Villanova University

Words by Chelsea Hess-Moore, Photography by Kelly Ann Shuler

Gallery Space

About 17 years ago, when one of her necklaces broke, Joan Rhodes sought the necessary piece to repair it. “Back then, about the only local retailer that stocked such items was Joann Fabrics,” says the Boiling Springs woman. “While searching for what I needed, I noticed the array of pretty beads in the store, and that’s when I began to develop an interest in, initially, beading and wire wrapping.”

By Scott Campbell

Student-Athletes, Part 2

Kayla Mealy – 
Bishop McDevitt High School to Alvernia University

Words by Chelsea Hess-Moore, Photography by Kelly Ann Shuler

Press Box

While some have compared Lucas Giolito’s blistering fastball to the one thrown by Stephen Strasburg or his potential to become another Roy Halladay, the guys doing the evaluating on the field – the managers and coaches – prefer to think of Giolito being, well, the first Lucas Giolito.

By Andrew Linker, Photography by Cassie Miller

Fledgling Summer Art School Has Earned National Standing

Students from around the nation come to Mt. Gretna School of Art, a six-week summer program for college and post-graduate students. Last year was only the third of its existence, but the school already enjoys national recognition.

Words by Scott Campbell, Photography by Jason Lipow

Student-Athletes, Part 1

Tysha Brown – Harrisburg High School to Providence College

Words by Chelsea Hess-Moore, Photography by Kelly Ann Shuler


Any novelist who decides to write about a subject that’s the stuff of daily newspaper headlines faces a daunting challenge: how to tell a plausible story that isn’t quickly overtaken by tomorrow’s events. That’s the task Jennifer Haigh has posed for herself in her fifth novel, Heat and Light, the story of a small Western Pennsylvania town’s encounter with the Marcellus Shale boom.

By Harvey Freedenberg

Be Well

There’s a lot of talk in the media these days about the dangers of sugar, but is it accurate? Is there any amount of sugar that’s OK?

By Bentz Tozer, Jr., B.S., CPT