Lowee’s Group Tours Woman of Business

Chrissie Kelly Owner, Lowee’s Group Tours

Chrissie Kelly first joined Lowee’s Group Tours part-time doing filing and clerical things while attending Central Dauphin High School in 1984. With problems at home as a child, the previous owner, whom she had met while working at a restaurant as a waitress, adopted her late in life but at what she says was a critical time. “I started to get to know the customers and suppliers over the years. The previous owner decided to sell in 1999 which is when we decided to buy the company,” says Chrissie. Being pregnant at the time, she wanted to stay at home while still earning an income and supporting our family. Lowee’s Group Tours was the perfect opportunity to do this.

“I pride myself on doing my best to do whatever it takes to get the job done,” explains Chrissie. “I treat my customers as I would hope to be treated. It is a satisfying feeling to introduce others to these fantastic experiences we offer.” Lowee’s, until recently was primarily a B2B type of group travel wholesaler mostly serving government, corporations, schools and organizations. This year they’ve added a direct to the customer offering. “For the first time in 34 years our customers can book their travel package online via our website. We offer hundreds of Motorcoach trips and even some trips to Europe and beyond. You will find attractive travel experiences that in many cases you couldn’t do in your car with one to four people.

Lowee’s Group Tours and their sister company, Innovative Coach work with various non-profits in the community to provide services, donations and transportation for efforts important to them. “I personally have been involved in an outreach in hopes to reduce or bring child abuse to a stop through an awareness campaign designed to give children the voice and strength and hope to get help. This has been a rewarding addition to my journey sharing my experiences and letting others know its ok to tell someone and life can be better,” says Chrissie.

Travel is a life-long love for Chrissie. And she loves sharing that passion with her clients. “My favorite part of my job is my ability to create something I think people will like and to have the positive feedback that I met my goal and my customers had a great time.”