January 2016

5 Bucket-List Trips

There’s no better time than the cold winter months to plan your next big vacation and no time like the new year to dust off that old bucket list and pick the next item you want to cross off. To help inspire you to start planning your big bucket-list-worthy adventure, we caught up with several Central Pennsylvania residents who have already taken the trips you’ve only dreamed about. Here, they offer insight and tips on making the most of your adventure.

Words by Susan Jennings

Bewitching Bavaria

Dotted with fairytale castles, graced by medieval towns, with dark mountain forests and lush, rolling meadows in between, Bavaria offers lucky travelers to its interior a trip across time.

Words by Jill Gleeson

Craftsman Turns to Photography for New Expression

Visiting Richard Souders’ studio at The Millworks, one quickly notices the dearth of crafts pieces within its walls. Instead, the space, which he shares with wife, Marsha, accommodates numerous photographs. It is Souders’ new medium of choice. And he relishes it.

by Scott Campbell

The Puck Stops Here

At 63, Doug Yingst is years removed from playing the game, but he still makes these maddening road trips, carrying with him not the bumps and bruises from the games played but rather the responsibilities of running the hockey team playing those games. In this case, the Hershey Bears.

by Andrew Linker

The Great Debate

Google is an interesting search engine – actually much more than simply a search engine – and infinitely mysterious to confirmed Luddites who use it to glean facts as they research articles for publication. It’s unclear if Google knows where you’re physically located and sets its parameters accordingly, or if it is, like the Great Oz, all-knowing and omniscient. It provided an amusing narrative array when asked recently for information regarding an ongoing debate in the Central Pennsylvania region.

The Big Easy and Beyond

This Winter, Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler in Louisiana!


By E.L. Doctorow (Random House, $16, 336 Pages, Paperback)

Strength-Training Can Be For Kids

Strength-training is a key component to overall fitness. But what is the best age to start adding it to an exercise program? How young is too young? Does it stunt growth?

Escape to the Caribbean