Individual Categories on the Simply the Best 2024 Ballot

We have 31 individual categories on the 2024 Simply the Best ballot. In these categories, your nomination must include the full name of a person plus the name of the business where they work.

If a nomination is incomplete, we have no choice but to eliminate it because we can’t determine who it was intended. Individual categories are indicated because they state (Name & X) after the category title. For example, Auto Salesperson states “(Name & Dealership).”

Here is a list of all the individual categories on the ballot and the group where they are located:


Auto Salesperson (Name & Dealership)


Auto Insurance Agent (Name & Agency)

Home Insurance Agent (Name & Agency)

Real Estate Agent (Name & Agency)

Dining – East Shore

Chef (Name & Restaurant)

Dining – West Shore

Chef (Name & Restaurant)


Dental Assistant (Name & Clinic)

Dental Hygienist (Name & Clinic)

Dentist (Name & Clinic)

Dentist for People with Dentophobia (Name & Clinic)

Dentist that’s Good with Kids (Name & Clinic)

Specialty Dentist (Name & Clinic)


Accountant (Name & Business)

Financial Consultant (Name & Business)

Harrisburg Area Life

Radio Personality (Name & Station)

TV Personality (Name & TV Station)

Veterinarian (Name & Clinic)


Bankruptcy Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Business/Corporate Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Civil Litigation Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Criminal Defense Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Divorce Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Employment/Labor Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Estate Planning Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Family Law Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Medical Malpractice Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Personal Injury Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Tax Attorney (Name & Law Firm)

Workman’s Compensation Attorney (Name & Law Firm)


Plastic Surgeon (Name & Clinic)

Personal Services

Hair Stylist/Barber (Name & Salon/Shop)