How to Use QR Codes for Simply the Best

QR codes are just fancy barcodes. But instead of scanning for a price, you get other types of data such as URLs (website addresses). You may not know this, but most phones are able to read QR codes using their camera.

Simply open up your camera and point it at the QR Code. A pop up notification will appear with the option to click it and go to the URL. Apple iPhones and Androids 9 and higher all have this function. If you do not see a pop up, your phone may require you to enable the feature. Check your Camera Settings for the option to “Scan QR Codes.” If you have an older phone, check out this link for options.

If that fails, and you have Google Photos, take a screenshot of the QR Code and open it in Google Photos. (Hint: open your camera, point it at the QR Code and then take your screenshot.) You’ll be asked if you want to “search inside screenshot.” Click on that notification, and the URL from the QR code can be clicked.

Below are QR Codes for every Group for Simply the Best. You cannot link directly to a category during the nomination period, only the group. The QR Codes can be printed and displayed in your business to help your patrons vote for you without having to type in a web address.