How to Confirm or Change How You’ve Voted in Simply the Best 2019

We hope that no one has difficult casting their vote in Simply the Best. Usually, when we hear of issues, the problem lies with things outside our control: ad blockers blocking the ballot or emails get filtered into the spam folder.

In the first two weeks of voting, we had 85,000 votes cast. So the issues with voting seem to be very small. But we want to be sure that everyone who deserves to be heard gets their vote counted.

During the voting period (aka until June 15, 2019) you can check how you voted by going back to the ballot and logging in.

If you go to the ballot, you should notice in the upper left-hand corner of the ballot the words “Already Entered?” If you click those words, it will ask you to enter the email address you used to vote. When you enter it in, it will send an email to that address with a link you use to log back into the ballot. (If you get frustrated that you have to go to your email, please understand that the alternative would be some sort of password.)

When you click on the link in the email, it will bring you back to the ballot. You will notice that your email address shows up in place of the words “Already Entered?”

Now, if you go to the category where you voted, you should see a green check by the location you voted for. That confirms your vote has been cast.

If you want to change your vote, all you have to do is click on any of the “change vote” words next to your new choice.  When you do, you will notice that the green check has moved.

You have now changed your vote. You can change your vote as many times as you want up until the voting closes on June 15. After June 15, all votes are final.

If you go to the “Already entered?” and you haven’t voted or registered yet, you will get an error message that says “This email address hasn’t participated in this promotion. Please check for a typo or return to the gallery to participate.” You can then register by going to the ballot, casting a vote and submitting your email. Make sure you submit your email address, enter in any requested information and submit so you see the green check by the entry. If you just enter your email without submitting the required information, you won’t have finished registering and your vote won’t count.

It’s that simple!