by Jacqueline Rupp

Before                                                                    After

So here it is! Six weeks after my SculpSure procedure and I am ready for the big reveal.
WOW is all I can say. I must admit I was a skeptic and did not expect to see such dramatic results.
If you followed my SculpSure experience here in the magazine and online — first off, thanks for reading — you’ll remember that I was anxiously awaiting the results of this fat fighting procedure, which takes several weeks to show. If you haven’t kept up with my previous updates, in December I underwent the SculpSure laser fat sculpting treatment with Dr. Claudette Jatto of Jatto Internal Medicine and Wellness P.C. SculpSure is an FDA-approved fat blasting (don’t those words together sound amazing?) procedure that takes about 20 minutes in an aesthetician or doctor’s office, like Dr. Jatto’s. Lasers are calibrated to just go deep enough to the layer of fat under your skin. It’s approved for use on the stomach, thighs, calves, back and chin. I chose to get the treatment done on my stubborn belly flab, fat that just seemed to appear when I hit 35 and would not go away despite all my sit-ups and calorie counting. My favorite part of SculpSure? The results are permanent! Meaning it won’t just come right back the second you have a few too many desserts.
Dr. Jatto counseled me before the procedure that it was not a magic bullet against fat; that it was going to help with stubborn fat that wouldn’t come off with diet and exercise, but I needed to do my part. This wasn’t a license to eat fast food around the clock and forget about exercising. It was going to give me a boost, but I needed to be an active part of the change.
And here are the results. In the case of SculpSure, photos do tell the story. These are my before pictures, taken just before I had the procedure. Notice my saggy navel and bulge. Definitely not a future profile photo for me. And then, the after picture, six weeks later. As you can see, my belly button has gotten its shape back again. Not only do I see far less bulge, but I also noticed my sides and overall waistline looks slimmer too. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with these results. It was so worth the quick 20 minute procedure.
Full results typically take 12 weeks to completely show, which means my mid-section might still get slimmer! Also, most people opt to go for two procedures for maximum results, my results are dramatic, in my humble opinion and are only after one round of SculpSure.
Drinking water is a big part of the post-procedure instructions to help flush the destroyed fat from your system. I definitely needed to improve my hydration and I’m happy to say it has become a habit that’s caught on with the family, too. I changed a bit at a time, first buying bottled water because it was convenient, to investing in a 20-ounce stainless steel bottle that I try to refill three to four times a day
I needed to improve my diet as well, avoid skipping meals and cut down on my love of carbs. I’ve tried to focus on always incorporating protein into a meal. Since I try to eat a non-meat diet, this is a little tricky, but generally it’s protein bars for breakfast (a quick option for busy mornings when I typically would skip eating). Eggs and faux meat are the other main proteins I’ve focused on, along with the occasional indulgence in broiled salmon. I’ve cut down on soda and sugary desserts, but in no way eliminated either, in fact, I never gave up on having at least one dessert a day — love my Tastykakes, what can I say. So I never felt like I was denying myself or sacrificing too much on the menu.
While at my six week follow-up visit, I weighed in with Dr. Jatto (I lost a few pounds!) and I posed for the “after” pics. We got to compare the before and after photos for the first time together and Dr. Jatto was just as pleased as I was by my results. I still cannot believe the difference. I had felt my pants fitting looser, but I also didn’t know if that was just wishful thinking. It wasn’t until I saw the before and after that I was like, “wow.” Dr. Jatto just smiled, she knew all along the results would exceed my expectations.

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