Restaurant Week at Harvest Seasonal Grill shows off their farm-to-table fare

We were treated to a scrumptious preview of Harvest Susquehanna’s Restaurant Week recently and the best part about these dishes is that they’ll be on the menu long after the week concludes.

For now you can snag the full-course meal for a wallet-friendly $35. It’s a special promotion to share in some of the excitement that a restaurant week offers to diners. General Manager Jeff Wallace said that the inspiration for the Restaurant Week came from Harvest wanting to be a part of Harrisburg’s food scene more and participate in the Restaurant Week that happens in the city. “Because we’re a little bit outside of town, we often get overlooked for these types of city-wide dining events. We wanted to be a part of it, so we decided, let’s just offer the public something of our own.”

Wallace says the special, which includes four courses (a choice of appetizer, salad, main dish, and dessert for $35, is a great option for a budget-friendly date night and gives a sampling of some of the restaurant’s regular menu favorites. And for those traveling around, the special is also available at Harvest’s other locations as well.

But back to the food! It seems like everyone knows and loves Harvest’s Pesto Caprese Flatbread, and what’s not to like. It’s a low-carb, feel-good version of a margherita with plenty of pesto for you basil-lovers out there and house-made mozzarella. The Nutty Watermelon Salad has got to be one of our favorite summer salads, with the sweetness of the watermelon and berries playing perfectly with the bite of watercress.

For entrees, there’s a nice array of proteins (plenty of veggies options on Harvest’s menu). If you go for the Cedar Roasted Organic Salmon, be prepared for a generous portion which includes a delicate tangerine mint yogurt which gives a nice citrus kick to the nicely done fish. The Grilled Grass-fed Filet Mignon features a sweet apricot horseradish marmalade — that great mix of salty and sweetness all in one.

Speaking of sweet, even though Harvest is always good for helping you stay on a healthy diet, their desserts do not disappoint. Portion-controlled, they’re the perfect size after a filling (and trust us you will be filled!) meal but fills that craving to end the meal with something sweet. Although every flavor is super tempting, we have to recommend the salted caramel option, because it’s worth a visit just for a taste.

If the summer has you too busy for dining out though, have no fear, these dishes can be found after Restaurant Week is just a summer memory.