Halloween candy doesn’t have to be only for kids …

Photo Submitted By Brittle Bark Co.

By Randy Gross (rgross@harrisburgmagazine.com)

Okay, so it’s been a few years since you were considered young enough to don a flimsy paper-thin costume and freeze your bon bons collecting candy door-to-door. Or maybe more like a few decades. But just because you can’t trick anyone into believing you’re treat-worthy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge in some sweet treats yourself this month. In order to help you achieve the kind of sugar rush you remember having as a kid, without having to behave like a kid, here is a preview of some of the most spooktacularly-sinful confections being stirred up by your favorite local Candy Man or Woman.

Broad Street Market, Harrisburg, PA
Jess Kost, owner and operator

Owner Jess Kost lives by the slogan “made by hands, not machines,” and her hands-on approach is producing some delectable Halloween treats that are as attractive to the eye as the tongue. Her Candy Corn Fudge is vanilla fudge dyed to resemble candy corn using vegetable dyes (no synthetics) and topped with actual candy corn! And her self-described “not-so-spooky” Skull Fluffs – handmade marshmallows with comical skeletal faces – are perfect fun for both the young and young-at-heart.

50 W. Main St, Mechanicsburg, PA
Diane Krulac, owner

Fans of both her famous Brittle Bark and equally yummy Cocoa Creek Chocolates have been flocking to Diane’s downtown Mechanicsburg store for years, and now she’s ready to provide them with even more reasons to stop by. Start with Belgian white chocolate hollow ghosts filled with handmade peanut butter, and follow that with seasonal chocolate lollipops made with popular Wilbur Chocolate. Then, finish things off with your choice of two different truffle collections:

Harvest Collection
• Maple Cream
• Hard Apple Cider caramel
• Craft Beer
• Smokey Ginger

Halloween Collection
• Blood Orange
• Pumpkin Spice
• Deeply Creepy (73% super dark Haitian Chocolate)
• Witches Bew (dark roast coffee with a hint of Kahlua)

56 W. High St., Carlisle, PA
Stephanie Patterson Gilbert, owner

Some people think that Halloween is nothing more than bulk bags of miniatures purchased last- minute at a supermarket. Well, that is definitely not Georgie Lou’s, which not only features more than 1,000 kinds of nostalgic candy (including Zotz, owner Stephanie’s favorite retro treat), but also giant gourmet peanut butter cups, store-made fudge, and chocolate-covered graham crackers with marshmallow, peanut butter, or Nutella inside – all promising to be big-sellers this month. Be sure to check out their Harry Potter Wizarding World candy, too!

45 N. Broad St., Lititz, PA
Amy Weik, Wilbur Chocolate Retail Director

Called “an American Original since 1884,” Wilbur Chocolate is one of dozens of great reasons to visit loveable small-town Lititz. And, this month, diehard devotees certainly shouldn’t forget Wilbur when it comes to their sweet tooth. Whether it’s the always-popular Wilbur Buds (in seasonal gift tins), peanut butter meltaways, or sea salt caramels, there are plenty of treats for everyone. But if you are in the trick-or-treat mood, Retail Director Amy says Wilbur Bud Pillow Packs (6 buds to a pack) are “Great to hand out!”

6019 Chambersburg Rd, Orrtanna, PA
Nicole L.C. Bucher, owner

Elephants may never forget, but it’s you who will remember visiting Mister Ed’s and its more than 12,000 elephant figurines! But that’s just a feast for your eyes. Tempt your tastebuds with a Poison Apple (a locally grown apple that is caramel-dipped, chocolate covered, then coated in black glitter); Monster Mash Fudge (chocolate fudge swirled with mint green fudge and purple vanilla fudge, topped with candy eyes and festive sprinkles), or a special Halloween-edition Hot Chocolate Bomb.  And, for that costume party, ask co-owner Nicole about a Candy Charcuterie Board!

100 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, PA
Cindy Fox, co-owner

For nearly 10 years, Cindy and her husband Mark have been pushing the sugar-envelope in downtown Gettysburg – and this year is no exception! New, and just in time for Halloween, comes Freeze Dried Candy, including Taffy, Gummy Worms, and Haribo Roulettes! Plus, if you’re into specialty sodas, SWEET! carries over 400 kinds, including so-called “dare-you-to-drink” flavors like Barf, Bacon, Ranch Dressing, and Grass. Not a risk-taker? Relax, they also carry tons of tried-and-true retro candies, from Marshmallow Cones and Candy Cigarettes to Wax Bottles and (Cindy’s favorite hand-out) Pixy Stix!