Where is the vote button?

Vote buttons appear once voting begins (April 15-June15). The main vote button appears at the top of the page.


If you purchased additional enhanced listings for this business, vote buttons for those categories will appear below the Additional Details section and above the map. You should see the text “Business Name is also participating in …” and a list of the categories.

If you have enhanced listings for other individuals or businesses, you will find a link to their enhanced listing at the end of your description text. Unfortunately, we cannot place a vote button on an enhanced listing unless it is for that exact listing.


What if I want to purchase additional enhanced listings?

If you want to add your enhanced listings to other categories, you can do so quickly by using this link. If you want to use different information on your other listings, please use the main form instead, which can be found here.

I need to make a correction to my listing. What do I do? 

Corrections to enhanced listings must be submitted using this form.

How many times can people vote?

People can only vote one time per category.

When does voting begin?

Voting begins April 15 and ends June 15.