Face in the Crowd: Dr. Robert Myers

Surgeon Successfully Balances Profession with Other Enterprises

By Scott Campbell

I asked Dr. Robert Myers, DMD, MBA, how many hours per week he devotes to his work.

“Do you mean here at the practice?” he asked, and then promptly replied, “About 60 hours.”

I thought to myself, “He has another job? This isn’t enough?”

Indeed, Myers is an energetic and accomplished man. He appears to thrive on keeping his hand in a variety of activities and enterprises, although the general public knows him as a skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon, senior partner at Wood & Myers of Camp Hill and Harrisburg. Bailey Wood started the practice in 1981, and Myers joined him in 2000.

The 48-year-old physician was born and raised in Camp Hill. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Bloomsburg University and received his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine. While attending Penn Dental, he began his master’s degree at Wharton, eventually earning it from the University of Wisconsin. He has put his business training to good use.

“It has been invaluable to me,” he says. “Among other things, I learned how to assemble the right people to accomplish a project.”

To wit, Myers created a national website, the first of its kind, called PatientWEB. He describes it as a “hub” that links the various types of dental specialties and labs while providing and sharing information that enhances patient care.

“You have all these specialties out there, like separate cottage industries,” he muses. “There has been a lack of organizational structure. PatientWEB provides that structure. It’s really a communication tool that links health care givers together for the betterment of their patients.”

Another venture is Myers & Myers Properties. Perhaps the most impressive of acquisitions is Linwood Estate. Near Kings Gap in Cumberland County, it encompasses 129 acres, 30 of which are manicured.

“When we began to restore the grounds, it required 12 tractor-trailer loads of tan bark,” says Myers. “The trees that lined the driveway were so bent over that the limbs brushed against the tops of vehicles. Inside, there were Frederic Remington bronzes and hundreds of deer-head trophies.”

Today, Linwood is an attractive venue for weddings and social events. The inside space was redesigned by interior decorator Lori Diminick and Myers’ wife, Christine. The ballroom can seat 325 guests. The general contractor was Don Park of Park Custom Homes.

Linwood has a connection to the Myers family that reaches back decades.

“Linwood Phillips, after which the estate is named, and my paternal grandfather were friends,” says Myers. “Phillips grew up in Virginia during the Depression but ended up being one of the largest landowners in the state.”

Myers has restored two farms in the Boiling Springs area, one of which is across Route 274 from Allenberry Resort and Playhouse.

In Boiling Springs, Myers owns Café 101, which is adjacent to the well-known Boiling Springs Tavern and the town’s iconic clock tower. His father, one of 10 siblings, was born in the town.

An exemplary athlete at Camp Hill High School, Myers plays golf well, and enjoys coaching baseball for GoWags. He resides in Camp Hill with his wife and two sons.