Enhanced Listing Information

All nominees have the opportunity to enhance their listing on the ballot. Enhanced listings provide additional features by showing your business’ address, contact info, and direct links to your social media pages. The cost is $99 per category.

By enhancing your listing on the ballot, you will provide our readers with the following information:
  • Photo (2560px x 1440px – Landscape or 16:9 ratio)
  • Logo (400px x 4oopx – Square)
  • Brief summary of your business (100 words max)
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • X/Twitter handle
  • Instagram handle
  • YouTube page
  • TikTok handle
  • LinkedIn profile



New Cross Category Promotional Opportunities!

For businesses that have been nominated in more than one category, you have the option of having a voting button multiple categories on each enhanced listing. This enables your customers to go to one of the enhanced listing and vote for all the categories you are nominated.

Currently, this is limited to businesses with matching information (name and address). However, we are able to add links to other enhanced listings that your business may be associated with (i.e. other locations, individual categories, etc.)

All Enhanced Listings come with a Short Link and a QR Code!!

Normally, to reach this page you would need a lengthy url such as: https://harrisburgmagazine.com/test-ballot/#/gallery/317338423? group=408636

This year we will provide you with a special, branded URL that you can use to send people directly to your enhanced listing page. The URL will start with stbvote.com and then have your name (or part of it) after a back slash. For example, for Darwin’s Shoe Store it would be stbvote.com/darwin.

And with a QR code, you can speed up the process for people in your business. Most cameras have the ability to scan QR codes with the camera. Just point your camera at the code, and the option to click on a link is provided. Hang up the QR code in your business and fast track people directly to your enhanced listing page!

And Consider Purchasing a Random Banner!

Because banners can be linked to an enhanced listing, we decided to offer “random banners.” These are banners that will be placed randomly on the ballot (rather than specifying a specific category). Random banners are a fantastic way to remind voters who come to the ballot for another reason of your nomination and to vote for you. Due to the low price, random banners will need to be kept simple with only the name of your business and category nominated. Additional information will not be needed since the person can click on it and it will go to your enhanced listing, which includes all the necessary information.

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