Corona Kindness Guidelines

Here are some of the guidelines we will be applying to our Corona Kindness Competition.

  1. Each person may submit one nomination per day. As all eligible nominations will be accepted, please do not nominate the same person more than once per week.
  2. To nominate someone, please submit their full name, a picture and a brief summary of what they have done that you feel warrants the award. All three of these things are necessary for the submission to be accepted.
  3. Eligible nominees are anyone who lives no more than 50 miles of Harrisburg or a person who is doing something that impacts people living within the Greater Harrisburg Area.
  4. Winners are not eligible to be nominated for 30 days after they have won.
  5. A person who has not won can be nominated again the following week.
  6. People may vote at least once per day. You may only vote with your own email address.
  7. You may not nominate yourself.
  8. Employees and relatives of Harrisburg Magazine are not eligible to be nominated. They are able to nominate individuals provided they don’t have access to the voting platform. They may not vote in the competition.