Harrisburg Magazine is looking for story submissions!! We are always looking for well-written articles that fit into our magazine.

If you are interested in submitting, you should familiarize yourself with Harrisburg Magazine. In features, culture, food, and music, we do not cover the same subject or topic in a two-year period unless there is a compelling new angle. All articles should be “hyper-local.” This means that it focuses specifically on Harrisburg. Articles that don’t have that focus won’t be considered.

Regular columns are written by staff or dedicated freelancers. Most other formats are open to freelancers. Please note standard article lengths and take them into consideration when pitching a story.

If you’d like to be part of our freelance team…

Send a brief cover letter, resume, two relevant writing samples, and at least one story pitch by email. Paste the content of any attachments into the body of the email. If your writing samples are archived on the web, you may include links rather than the full text. If we are interested, we will respond via email. Patience, persistence, and politeness pay off.

When you begin freelancing for us, you will receive additional instructions on topics
including deadlines, pay rates, pay schedules, and Harrisburg Magazine’s policies.

If you’d like to submit a story idea….

We are always interested in possible stories. Feel free to pitch your idea. Make sure you pitch the idea via email as early as possible to meet deadlines. We make our editorial decisions about 6-8 weeks before that month. For example, December content is decided in October.

If you have a completed story you’d like to submit….

We accept completed stories provided they have not been published elsewhere. You are welcome to submit it for publication by email. If we are interested in it and publish it, we will pay you. Rate depends on the article but is generally between $20 to $150. There is no kill fee for articles not accepted.