Simply the Art

Simply the Art Enhanced Listings

Simply the Art nominees have the opportunity to purchase enhanced listings on the ballot. Enhanced listings provide additional features by showing your business’ address, contact info, and direct links to your social media pages. The […]

Simply the Art

Simply the Art Banners

If you’d like to purchase a banner on the Simply the Art ballot, you can do so on this form. There are three rotating spots for each group and category. Group banners cost $125 each. […]

Simply the Art

Announcing Simply the Art by Harrisburg Magazine

This spring, Harrisburg Magazine will be doing a special competition designed to focus on some of the amazing visual and performing artists in the Harrisburg area. The competition will begin March 1, 2022, but pre-registration […]

Simply the Best

Simply the Best Nomination Guide

These businesses would like you to consider them for nomination for Simply the Best 2022. Click on the Group headers to go directly to that group where their category is located. If you’d rather print […]