Honey, Bee Alive!

Cultivating respect for the humble honeybee Photo SubmittedStory By Pam Lazor The humble honeybee, whirling and buzzing, landing for brief moments from one flower to the next, collecting pollen and distributing it to flower after […]


Can work for organic food

The growing season is still young, and fortunately for those craving healthy produce and other farm specialties, one local organic grower still has some CSA (community supported agriculture) options available. Earth Spring Farm, located at […]


How to find a great perch for bird watching

JoEllen Wright of Greencastle, a wildlife and bird photography enthusiast, made a pit stop at Wildwood Park in late March while picking up her “grand-dog” from her daughter Ashley Fletcher, who lives in Mechanicsburg. Story […]


In my neighborhood

The former William Penn High School campus anchors a big part of this Uptown neighborhood. Photo by DEBORAH LYNCH Harrisburg Magazine is launching a new regular feature, “Welcome To My ‘Hood,” to help readers become […]


Ding, Dong!

‘Who’s there?’ ‘Doorbell Surveillance System.’ ‘Doorbell Surveillance System who?’ By Jeff Falk • Photo Courtesy Of Honeywell Today’s Doorbell Surveillance Systems are not your grandfather’s doorbell. Like a lot of the other current technological stuff, […]