Mikey’s Angels

By Diane White McNaughton • Photos By Danielle Debley Melissa Oberdorf, 40, and Mike Rozman, 63, are an unlikely match. Mike is a seasoned prosecutor, accustomed to eloquently defending the rule of law amidst the […]


Be Well: Allergies

Allergies. The dreaded word comes with a host of symptoms that include itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and congestion. Not unlike other allergies, seasonal allergies develop as the body’s sensitivity and reaction to […]


Be Well: Start Running, Stay Running

Running. This aerobic workout sounds easy enough, but getting started can be a challenge for some. There’s factors like: pace, accountability, conditions and measuring progress. With all of those factors to consider, taking up running […]


Cooking & Cholesterol

Words by Bentz P. Tozer, Jr., B.S., CPT  Keeping cholesterol levels in a healthy range is an important part of a person's overall health. Cholesterol levels are checked with a blood test called a Lipid […]


Back to School Nutrition

Words by Bentz P. Tozer, Jr., B.S., CPT Summer is winding down and back to school season is upon us. There’s a lot to do to prepare for the upcoming school year — buy new […]


Sleep & Appetite

Words by Bentz P. Tozer, Jr., B.S., CPT Have you ever noticed that you are hungrier when you haven’t slept well? Or that you crave junk food when you’re tired? This is because the amount […]