The One and Only Romance of Jay and Nancy Krevsky

Photo By Paul VasiliadesStory By Randy Gross – rgross@harrisburgmagazine.com Lights up. A YOUNG MAN enters the stage, begins to sing the following lyrics from Ruggero Leoncavallo’s “Mattinata,” only in Italian. “Put on your white dress […]


Harrisburg’s Ubiquitous Poet: Marty Esworthy

A perpetually in motion ’Gentle Ben’ of experimental poetics Photo By Will MastersStory By Randy Gross – rgross@harrisburgmagazine.com Think of this as one-part limerick, two parts paen, and three additional mind-blowing parts experimental performance piece. […]


The Evolution of a True Public Servant: Patty Kim

An underdog helping underdogs Photo By Rick SnizikStory By Randy Gross – rgross@harrisburgmagazine.com Some people argue that politics is nothing more than a popularity contest. If that’s true, then that could explain why PA State […]


Q&A With: Josh Kesler, ‘Bohemian’ Business Developer

Local entrepreneur continues to have a “clear” vision for Midtown Photo By Rick SnizikStory By Randy Grossrgross@harrisburgmagazine.com  There’s something that can be said about salvaging instead of demolishing. Building up rather than tearing down. Refurbishing […]


MaDonna Atowi: Marketing Mastermind

Story & Photo By Markie Wolfe Entrepreneur, influencer, motivational speaker, MC, marketing mastermind, and mogul. These are just a few strong terms that describe MaDonna Atowi and yet they still fall short. A humble Harrisburg […]