Bonus Tips

By Julie Gargotta; Photos by Melania Marta Photography

Working Out the Winter Woes

When it comes to wellness, trainer and nutritional expert Juliane Flood wants to help others make good choices.  That’s why Flood started a fitness and healthy eating blog with her twin sister, Jess Vasiliou, and aptly named the site, “Twinspiration Fitness.”  The sisters’ blog is rife with recipes, training tips, and nutritional advice.  Plus, it’s where potential clients can connect with Flood and sign up for training sessions.

Flood herself says growing up she struggled with weight and body image issues, from yo-yo dieting to anorexia.  But one day she had an epiphany:  “I figured out food is like fuel—I need it to be healthy,” she says.  “It’s a conscious decision you make every day. Being healthy changed my life.”

Now, Flood shares with us a few tips on how to motivate yourself to workout in the winter months in order to combat the effects of the “winter blues,” or seasonal affective disorder.


Set Goals and Lose the Scale

For some, fitness “results” center around the reading on the bathroom scale.  But when success becomes so inextricably linked to a number, it’s easy to lose motivation if the pounds aren’t quickly melting away.  “Sometimes people get frustrated so easily because they don’t see results right away,” Flood says.  “But it takes time.”  The trainer suggests employing a different approach: Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, make your main goal getting healthy.  Set realistic expectations of what can be accomplished within a week and chart your progress.  Even try hanging photos of summertime goals or results of body fat tests on the fridge for extra motivation, suggests Flood.


Incentivize Yourself

Once you’ve started to hit the gym, don’t stop during the throes of winter.  Flood suggests incentivizing yourself using non-food types of rewards, like workout gear.  The trainer adds that while buying new outfits for workouts isn’t a financial reality for everyone, even healthy treats—like sushi—work to motivate just as well.  Just don’t fall into the trap of rewarding a great workout session with a disastrous, calorie-laden mistake.  “Don’t say, ‘I just worked so hard, I can eat a whole cake,’” says Flood.


Choose Wisely and Get Help

When it comes to gyms, Flood says not all are created equal.  Do your homework: Make sure you select a gym with certified trainers that can teach proper form for workouts.  Poor form can result in injuries; a certified trainer can make sure you’re working out safely and efficiently.  “It’s like going to a doctor that isn’t a doctor,” she says.  Flood also insists that above all else, a little investment in your health now means a bigger return years down the road.  “It’s better to pay for a gym than tons of medical bills,” says Flood.