Beating the Back to School Blues

By Danielle Debley

It’s school season again and perhaps you and the kids are wallowing in the back to school blues. Here are some tips to make this school year a little more fun for the whole family.

Make a fun routine. Structure can be a good thing to put into practice. Create a color coded clock chart or an interactive hourly calendar so that kids can see what activity comes next. Build in playtime, meals, homework and more!

Plan a special dinner. Make it a point to do something special to celebrate the first week or month done of this new grade. It will be a fun outing and a special time for the family.

Encourage kids to be active. Whether it’s setting aside intentional time after school for outside activity or involving them in a sport, get your kids running about and active. Not only will they have some fun and wear themselves out, it can be a great way to make new friends as well.

Get creative with lunches. For you parents with younger kids, take a look at a few Pinterest boards and you’ll find tons of cute meal ideas for your little ones. Creative packed lunches can give kids something to look forward to during the day. Add a sweet or encouraging note for a special touch.

Keep up with the homework. Make homework fun by finding creative ways to help out. Does your child need to meet reading requirements? Make going to the library an exciting adventure to keep your child interested. Hold your very own spelling bee at home and be sure to congratulate the winner!

Be open and communicative. Teachers spend almost all of their day with your kids, so check in with your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns. Be receptive to suggestions on how to help your child learn to the best of their ability.

Rewarding incentives. They say that positive reinforcement can work better than negative. Talk with your child about getting rewarded for good grades. Perhaps there is a movie or book they really want – all A’s could get them the prize! Make it fun and something worth investing in. Many local banks even have programs that will put money into a savings account for good report cards.