Avantra Family Wealth Woman of Business


Kim Kenawell-Hoffecker founding partner of Avantra Family Wealth

Triage is as natural to Kim Kenawell-Hoffecker as breathing.

A long-time, dedicated volunteer emergency services worker, this founding partner of Avantra Family Wealth approaches every situation with an impressive level of calm, focus, and awareness. It’s these unique characteristics, punctuated by her expertise, that lead Avantra Family Wealth clients to call Kim first when major life changes occur. Even when those situations initially seem unrelated to portfolios, asset allocation, performance, or financial metrics, her clients turn to her as their first responder and it all stems from giving back to the community.

Consider the phone call she received from a client whose out-of-state child and grandchildren had to leave an unsafe household. Kenawell-Hoffecker walked the entire family through the critical initial steps, exemplifying what true comprehensive service is. This is what she does for every client, whether they need help negotiating the purchase of a vehicle, are seeking a suggestion for a mental health professional, or require compassionate advice on how to move forward after an adverse health diagnosis.

Whether managing complex multi-million dollar portfolios or single-family generational wealth, Kenawell-Hoffecker has always focused on raising the bar. “I want to be on the front lines,” she notes. From her first foray into the financial realm, she believed her duty was to be about more than money; it was to become a guiding force and helpful hand to those she served. Now, as the leader of her nine-person firm, she can achieve those goals unfettered. She explains, “We’re not a big company, but we’re setting a higher standard. It’s all about ethics, reputation, principles, and a product-agnostic platform. We’re life encompassing, not narrowly siloed, so we can always do what we believe is best for our clients.”

In addition to the standard wealth management and wealth structuring services expected by a firm of her caliber, Kenawell- Hoffecker and her team offer boutique solutions. For instance, she’s one of a handful of Certified Financial Divorce Analysts in central Pennsylvania. This credential helps her to actively participate in collaborative divorces, providing an objective and unemotional voice to guide marriage dissolution with an eye toward cooperation. “I’ve watched the family entangle- ment that comes out of divorce. If I can help prevent animosity and financial drain, that’s the goal.”

Navigating unpredictable moments with honesty is what this mother of one and stepmother of three does naturally on behalf of clientele. Never one to shy away from challenges, she asks the tough questions upfront to give the most informed recommendations down the road. “I don’t want to be just a vendor,” she explains. “I’m here to be a true advisor. If people are trusting me to be their Fiduciary, I better be at the top of my game and ready to take leadership responsibility for them as a disciplined team member. We’re running a marathon together that sometimes feels like a Tough Mudder, but I’m going to be by their side well past the finish line.”