Advertising Opportunties for Simply the Best

If you are a current (or future) advertier of Harrisburg Magazine, you might want to consider these ad-ons that are available to help promote your business during the nomination and voting period. These are available as additions to our print advertising check out our media kit for rates .  Check out these new opportunities. If interested, please fill out this contact form. We should get back to you within the next business day.


The group header is a 728x90px ad (standard leaderboard size) that appears at the top of every category page in that group. There are only 24 spots available: 12 during the nomination period and 12 during the voting period.

• Nomination Period (January 15 through March 15)
• Voting Period (April 15 through June 15)
• Nomination and Voting Period (January 15 through June 15)




The category header is similar to the group header, except the ad only appears for that category. If you check out the example, the top ad shows above all the categories in the Kids & Pets group, but the ad for Darwin’s Cat Training only appears when someone is voting for best Pet Trainer. Category headers will be displayed from January 15 through June 15. This is a good option for businesses that only interested in winning one category.



Enhanced Listing

An enhanced listing helps drive traffic to your business during and even after the competition ends. Businesses who purchase this option can add the following to their listing on the voting ballot:

  • Phone Number
  • Website link
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter handle
  • An image (800px x 400px)
  • A description about your business (up to 200 words)

This information not only helps sell your business to votes, but will give all the information potential customers might need to check you out before the competition ends.


Social Media/Web Kit

The Social Media/Web Kit will be specialized ads that you can add to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your website to encourage your fans to vote for you. These ads will all be similar to the print ads you’re running in the magazine and include the 2018 logo. We will also send you the direct link to use so people go directly to the category you desire. This kit includes:

  • Website ads (728 x 90px and 300 x 250px)
  • Facebook ad (600 x 315px)
  • Facebook Post (940 x 788px)
  • Instagram Post (800 x 800px)
  • Facebook Cover (851 x 315px)
  • Twitter Cover (1500 x 500px)