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Ad Specifications

Mechanical Requirements:

2/3 Page Vertical: 4.8125″w X 9.9375″h
1/2 Page Vertical: 4.8125″w X 7.375″h
1/2 Page Horizontal: 7.3125″w X 4.875″h
1/3 Page Vertical: 2.3125″w X 9.9375″h
1/3 Page Square: 4.8125″w X 4.875″h
1/6 Page Vertical: 2.3125″w X 4.875″h
1/6 Page Horizontal: 4.8125″w X 2.375″h
1/4 Page Vertical: 3.563″w X 4.875″h (special issues only)
1/8 Page Horizontal: 3.563″w X 2.375″h (special issues only)
1/9 Page Vertical: 2.313“w x 3.127“h
1/12 Page Square:
2.312″w x 2.39″h

Bleed Specifications

Full Page Only:
Full Page Trimmed: 8.125″w X 10.875″h
Bleed Size: 8.5″w X 11.25″h
Two-Page Trimmed: 16.25″w X 10.875″h
Bleed Size: 16.625″w X 11.25″h

Production Requirements

Electronic Files: Any advertisements are preferred as electronic files – Photoshop files or EPS, TIFF, PDF, or JPG. Files are accepted through google drive, dropbox, or can be emailed to Include all fonts, hi-resolution images, and placed graphics.


Guaranteed Position: Ad placement for a specific page: 5% add-on rate for a full-page, 15% add-on rate for any lesser size, 6-12 time insertion.


If you have questions concerning any of the requirements listed above, please contact the Production Department at (717) 233-0109.