Advertise in the February 2022 Issue

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The 25th Simply the Best is expected to be the biggest ever. We are giving away 5,000 magazine subscriptions to the voters (2,500 during nomination and 2,500 during voting). The competition is expected to be tougher than the previous years and you need every advantage you can get. 

For that reason, we encourage you to advertise in the January issue. Magazine advertisements are extremely effective and will help improve the effectiveness of your other promotional campaigns. Here are a few reasons why you should consider advertising in Harrisburg Magazine: 

  1. It reminds our readers of what categories you are eligible for before they nominate.
  2. Magazine readers act. According to The Association of Magazine Media, 62% of readers will act after viewing a magazine advertisement.
  3. Reach people who don’t follow you on social media and are interested in Simply the Best.
  4. Magazine ads come in a format easy for people to browse when voting.
  5. People remember magazine ads better than digital ads because people are more focused and concentrate on printed word when compared to digital text.
  6. When polled, people say magazine ads are more credible and trustworthy than other types of advertising.
  7. All advertisers will be put in our Nomination Guide.
  8. Advertisers get first choice at purchasing banner ads.

Click here for information on ad sizes. If you’re ready to purchase, simply fill out the information below. If you’d rather have someone contact you directly, please fill out this form:

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