A Kick in the Taste Buds, Part 4

Indian curry often warms the belly with its array of spices, seasoning and slow-cooked meats that fall apart – tender and comforting. But diners looking for a little adventure in their meal can find a hot and spicy combination in Passage to India’s Chicken Vindaloo.

The classic curry dish was made popular in the Goa region but can be found in many other parts of India, says owner Leena Shenoy. While the dish can vary from restaurant to restaurant, it’s a spicy staple at this Harrisburg establishment.

“People who really want that spice in their curry often order the Chicken Vindaloo,” Shenoy says. “We can’t make enough of it.”

Chicken pieces are marinated with vinegar and a blend of spices that intensify during the long cooking process. Potatoes and pearl onions are added to the piquant sauce, used to describe a spicy sauce with a hint of tart, sour flavor, typically from vinegar or lemons.

Diners might pick up on cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric, and ginger, but the concoction is married so well that the combination of spices almost creates a flavor of its own, Shenoy says. The thick broth of the curry served over Basmati rice is usually eaten with gusto and leaves spice-seeking guests satisfied and warmed to the soul.

“Any dish can be tweaked to be as mild or as spicy as someone wants,” Shenoy says. “But our Chicken Vindaloo is a favorite of people who like something with a little extra kick. It’s hot, but it’s also full of flavor.”