A Kick in the Taste Buds, Part 1

The Fire House Restaurant

The Spicy Ahi Tuna Salad has been a staple on the menu at The Fire House for years, but it’s been given a solid makeover since Chef Martin Stone stepped on the scene. The colorful dish surprises some with its pack of heat, because who really looks to a salad for that flavorful depth of spice?

“It’s refreshing and light while bringing that kick,” Martin says. “The combination of those things on the palate is really appealing. It isn’t just straight heat – it’s good flavors.”

The star of the dish, the fresh Ahi tuna, is covered in a seven-pepper seasoning that carries the bulk of the meal’s spicy rating. It’s given a hot-flash sear so the tuna is cooked rare with a crunchy outside. While the cucumber-wasabi dressing also carries some spice, the mixture of puréed cucumber, yogurt and ginger helps bring it down to a manageable level, Martin says.

Tossed with a bed of mixed greens, the salad also highlights a fresh pineapple salsa, toasted peanuts and crispy won tons.

“It’s not too spicy, but I would say it falls between a six and seven on a scale of one to 10,” Martin says. “Just enough heat to keep it interesting and make you hungry enough for another one.”