A good time to ask a question

For many, consulting a lawyer can be cost prohibitive, yet many people have common concerns without answers. To answer those kinds of questions, Dauphin County Library System, MidPenn Legal Services, and the Dauphin County Bar Association have partnered to present Lawyers in Libraries at 6 p.m. tomorrow (March 25). 

It will be presented by Attorney Edward F. Spreha, Jr., a member of the pro bono program on “How To Restore Your Driver’s License” with a Q&A to follow. To register, go to the library’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DCLS.PA/photos/a.388662564796/10159210933349797/

Future topics and dates include: Custody Conflicts on April 29, and PA Unemployment Compensation on May 27. Sessions are recorded. Previous topics included eviction, in which listeners learned that an eviction in Pennsylvania can never be expunged from the record for landlords to see.  

The series was born out of last summer’s Riverside Chats, a series of outreach programs about Covid-related legal issues, according to Sandy Ballard of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. “When we did that, we realized that local libraries were actually a key tool to facilitate the sharing of information with the public — our community service frontline.”