3D Mini-Me Figurines Now Available

By Jacqueline G. Goodwin, Ed.D. • Photos Courtesy of 3D Keepsakes

Ever dream of having a statue erected in your image?  How about a figurine that resembles you or your pet? Then dream no more. Thanks to Jim Haberchak, owner of 3D Keepsakes LLC, people can get “mini-me” 3D print figures of whoever they choose. 

“The process is quite simple,” says Haberchak. “Make an appointment, get 3D scanned, place your order, and receive your ‘mini-me’ in 3-4 weeks.”

Haberchak says the process takes no time, “You can actually be done in 5 minutes or less,” he adds.

“We do not print on site,” says Haberchak. “We contract with print partners throughout the country in cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and Long Island, New York. The 3D print can be sent anywhere in the US or picked up for free at our store.”

Haberchak says he became interested in 3D prints after watching the movie, “Downsizing” and “thought it was really cool. I began to do some research into the 3D printing world.”

In January 2019 Haberchak purchased the 3D equipment he needed and it arrived in February.

“I spent the next couple months assembling and training with the system. After a couple of months  of ‘experimenting’ on my relatives, I opened to the public in May 2019,” says Haberchak.

The former business education teacher says he loves to  “recruit” local celebrities to support  his new business. 

“I’ve made ‘mini-me’ figures of television personalities such as local ABC 27 anchor Dennis Owens and Channel 21 weatherman Tom Russell,” says Haberchak. “Also, some local politicians such as Senator Mike Regan and Senator John DiSanto. And HACC President John Ski stopped by. Rascal from the Harrisburg Senators was scanned and printed. But my favorite customer was ‘Libre’ the dog,” he explains. “If you don’t know who ‘Libre’ is – Google the little guy – he is a miracle!

“I’ve also done some local high school athletes.”

Haberchak would also love to scan and print LeSean McCoy (KC Chiefs), Micah Parsons (PSU Football), Marlee Starliper (Future Olympic runner from Northern High School), Governor Tom Wolf, and “quite a few more of our local favorites.” He says, “Just put in a call and I’ll do the rest.”

According to Haberchak, “we do a lot of ‘mini-mes’ of children. Parents will bring kids in to get one for their grandparents. Or parents will bring kids in to get one for grandparents. Mother’s Day is great. Really any holiday is a good time. Just keep in mind our printing lead time of 3-4 weeks.

“Our 3D prints come in sizes from 1 inch up to 7 inches. Prices range from $29 to $99. Various options are available such as bases, HD (high definition) printing, Vapor Smoothing – post printing color enhancement which adds to cost. We also make jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and keychains,” says Haberchak.

“We get a lot of our ideas from our customers. Sports, hobbies, graduations, wedding cake toppers, occupations, pets, and family,” he adds.

“Our scanning unit is mobile – we can do events,” Haberchak says. “Weddings, corporate, fundraising, sports teams and leagues, organizations (Boy/Girl Scouts), and many more.”

Located in  Camp Hill at 1902 Chestnut Street – off Market Street, near the Frederickson Library, 3D Keepsakes can be reached at (717) 421-9488 or at www.3dkeepsakes.biz, email: jim@3dkeepsakes.biz, and also on Facebook and Instagram.